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Das Leben ist
wie ein buntes Kartenspiel.

Say Hello to this little Freak*

i'm 17, a girl, insane and proud of it.
i like to go out with my special friends,
listen to music,
watching south park/simpsons or designing
layouts for my own blog.
designpages are faboulos, but not for
my own designs. you know what i me
i like to photograph everything,
but my camera is a piece of crab.

i can be funny, but i'm often sirious too.
my friends like my madness and
they are mad too (: i love them more then
my life. i'm in love with rockmusic and metal.
my favorite bands are stone sour and metallica.
as i was 14 i went to a concert from
metallica, slipknot and lostprophets. since
this day i'm in love with james hetfield (:
in a few years i will mary adam brody
aka seth cohen from o.c.,california.
hrrrhrrrrr. my personal sexgod! :D
enough? yes, i think to.

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